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MegaMini Atmega2560 Arduino Compatible

MegaMini Atmega2560 Arduino Compatible
MegaMini Atmega2560 Arduino Compatible MegaMini Atmega2560 Arduino Compatible MegaMini Atmega2560 Arduino Compatible
Brand: JK Devices
Availability: Ships in 3 - 4 Weeks
Price: $45.00

10 or more $44.00
25 or more $39.00
100 or more $36.00

Available Options

Header Kit:

Power Adapter:

* Voltage:

* Micro USB Cable:

* IMU:

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We currently have a backlog of orders on this product.  Orders are being shipped as they were received.  New orders will ship in approximately 2 weeks.
Add the IMU(MPU-9150) for use with your aerial or motion sensing project.
This is not related to a project recently published by Kevin Rye which is called the Mega Mini.  If you are looking for his GPS Clock based off his Mega Mini and the Atmega2560 go check out his detailed build log.
NOTE:  Revision 3 was discontinued (as of September 1st, 2013) and we are shiping revision 4.  Revision 4 will have a Micro USB connector.  Revision 3 had a Mini USB connector.  Please be aware of this for your project.  Revision 4 will also have a real crystal resonator instead of a ceramic resonator.
Revision 4 will also have the option to add an Accelerometer/Gyro/Compass (MPU-9150) chip on-board.  This combination will be great for model rocketry and quadcopters as well as a very small IMU device.  The specific chip will be the Invensense MPU-9150.  Additional voltage level shifting circuitry is built in to support this device.
The MegaMini is an Arduino compatible Atmega2560 development board.  It is specifically designed to be extremely small while providing all the same features of it's bigger brothers.

Actual size is 3.0" x 1.0" x 0.26"(max)


  • 5 Volt LDO regulator (TPS7A4501) provides up to 1.5 amps of current (may require additional heat sinking for high current applications)
  • Optional 3.3V operation (special order)
  • Accepts input voltage up to 16 volts (6 - 9 volts recommended)
  • Onboard USB to serial adapter for programming via bootloader (FT231X)
    • 100% Arduino compatible
  • Pre-loaded with Arduino compatible bootloader
    • 100% Arduino Compatible
  • Access to all ports of the Atmega2560
    • Accessing additional ports from the Arduino environment may require using direct port access
  • 0.1" spacing allows the use of standard size headers
  • Power LED

Revision 3

Source files on github https://github.com/jkdevices/MegaMini


Revision 2

Corrected Arduino Pin Translation

Pin Layout


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